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About Me

Connie Di Maria raised in Italy with a classical, folk and jazz background.
Connie Di Maria enjoys writing her songs. With her simple,expressive sound and a touch of intimate vibe loves to share her music to a vast audience.
Connie Di Maria lives in London since1989.
From then till present ConnieDiMaria
gets involved with various theatrical performances at the London Bubble Theatre (Gilgamesh, Punchkin etc..)
Connie Di Maria enjoys writing her own songs and uses professional studios to record her own material along with session musicians when needed.
She likes to perform for community festivals and looking forward to perform in the UK and Europe.
Connie Di Maria at present is working along two talented musician Max Stellato and Daniel Reeves towards the production of her first album. Currently working on her second Album "REBIRTH" soon to be released.

Specialties: Music Agent,Creative Director and Singer and Songwriter.


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Audio Demos

  • 01 New Universe [Deepersense Music].mp3

    Connie Di Maria

  • STATE OF MIND By Connie Di Maria .mp3

    Connie Di Maria

  • 12 Hypocrisy.mp3

    Connie Di Maria


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  • Voice Male
  • Voiceovers-ADR
  • Audio Recording Services
  • Audio Dubbing/Synchronization
  • TV Composer
  • Sound EFFECTS EFX- Foley



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