Need 2 songs to be recorded


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Project Budget
$300 - $300
9 days left to place a bid

About Job

I am looking for someone who will cohesively mix and master- Produce2 songs with 8 tracks for each project.
I do have a pre-released track from the EP to use as a rough reference towards the sound I am looking to achieve however, I would also like that track to be re-mixed.
More details will follow.


Skills Required

  • Electric Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • DAW Sequencers

Musicians bidding

Marshall Thompson


Piano Keyboard Music Producer Songwriter Voice Male Voiceovers-ADR Lyricist Scoring Organ Drums Production Band Production DAW Sequencers Audio Recording Services Audio Editing Audio Restoration Live Recording/Reverb Signal Audio Dubbing/Synchronization Mixing/Tracking Mix Engineer Film Composer Video Game Composer Media/Library Composer Electric & Acoustic Bass Music Producers
19 hours to delivery

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