Become an instructor. How to begin

Become an instructor. How to begin

Become an instructor. How to begin

Hi there and welcome to Master Classes at

Become an instructor TODAY! Let's get started.

In Basic steps this is how you start.

1. Plan your classes
2. Record your videos
3. Upload and set your courses active.

Watch these videos following all the steps.

Welcome to Master Classes.

Welcome to We are so excited you've found us and want to be a part of worldwide professionals.
You're going to be a valuable asset to our company, and we can't wait to see all that you accomplish.
The entire team of k7tracks is thrilled to welcome you on board. We hope you'll do some amazing works here!

Hi there and welcome to
A worldwide platform of professionals. This is a video about our Teaching section.

BANNER Advertising. A tool that teachers can use within the platform, that will make a masterclass more visible to students.

Signup Steps.

Let's create a first course.

My Course Page editing and Action button.

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